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[Exposed] 5 Killer Reasons Not To Buy Gamuda Gardens

We are unveiling the top reasons why not to buy Gamuda Gardens properties. If you are considering to purchase a property in Gamuda Gardens, read on. If you are never interested in buying a home in Gamuda Gardens, this is a definite must-read.

Reasons Not To Buy Gamuda Gardens

#1 Landed homes is not your preferred choice

Landed property may not be your preference for a variety of reasons. Among some reasons are vicinity to amenities, closer to the city, view of the city skyline, and conveniences at the doorstep, among others. Landed homes may not be the same as high rise living, however they are preferred by those with a growing family, elderly relatives, or someone who prefer a larger open space. Among some reasons people prefer landed homes include pet ownership (Gamuda Gardens has a 50-acre pet-friendly park cum lake), ease of movements from car to home (lugging large grocery bags from car to doorstep is 5 steps away), private porch (not just for cars but also some seatings and maybe even a portable swimming pool!), easy for visitors (visitors can park right in front of your gate and not be inconvenient with access etc) and so much more!

Gamuda Gardens also has a clubhouse cum wellness center called Gardens Wellness, in which residents can pay an annual fee for unlimited access. Essentially, living in a landed property in Gamuda Gardens doesn’t deprive you from enjoying the usual gym, swimming pool, sauna, and badminton halls!

There is also an apartment block if you prefer apartment – check out Gaia Residences. in Gamuda Gardens. What we really like about Gaia is the small urban-sized layout that makes it an ideal starter home, for retirees, a bachelor pad or maybe even as a holiday home.

#2 You don’t like living in an area with greenery, lush landscaping and lakes

gamuda gardens sungai buloh

Well, I get it … it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to have lush greenery, lakes and landscaping. For those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city centre, something like Manhattan in New York where you can practically hear the ambulance /police/fire engine/traffic 24×7, then Gamuda Gardens might not be the right decision. Those who are used to living in the city will find it hard to adapt to the quietness of the suburbs.

Gamuda Gardens is home to a 50-acre lake with jogging tracks and cycling paths. Along the lake are also lookout point, wetlands, waterfalls (due to the cascading lakes… it is not Niagara Falls), camping grounds etc. It is not a concrete jungle and more of a well-manicured and landscaped gardens within the gated and guarded residential enclaves.

This township is perfect for those who love a morning jog or walk in tranquil settings enveloped in fresh crisp air. If you have dogs and love to walk with them everyday, the lake is perfect for this as it is pet-friendly.

#3 You prefer living in a smaller space. Large homes are overwhelming

Landed homes usually come with larger build-ups, a minimum of approx 2,000 sq ft. It might be a tad too big to manage. Smaller spaces mean lesser maintenance and lesser cleaning. In fact, it is common for apartments in the city to be very compact and small in square footage.

If you are looking for a tiny house range, Gamuda Gardens may not have a tiny version landed house. The smallest would probably be the 18″x60″ homes in Illaria Hillside Homes. The landed houses in Gamuda Gardens is at least 4 bedrooms (3 for Illaria) or even 5 or 6 bedrooms (Jovita & Valeria) for some! These homes are great for those wanting a little more living space to accomodate the growing family, or maybe to put in a home office, or maybe an extra room for a visiting friend.

However, I truly understand the predicament. If you are in search for a smaller space because you really want to keep the home small and minimal, Gaia Residences has units as small as 640 sq ft with 2 rooms. Perfect for retirees or for someone looking for a starter home.

#4 Your workplace and home must be within 10 minutes of where you live, by foot or by driving

If you prefer to live very close to your workplace, then it is worth considering properties nearer to your office. In this case then to buy Gamuda Gardens is not the right choice unless your office is within a few kilometres from Gamuda Gardens.

Currently, Gamuda Gardens doesn’t have any large commercial spaces, however, it in the plan that there will be Gamuda City in the future. As the township will be developed over a 15-year project, the commercial offices will be built in the later stages. At time of writing the first commercial property, Gardens Square is in full swing and is slated for completion by end-2024. You can consider setting up office there and live within the township.

At the moment, your choice of commuting to Kuala Lumpur city would be a 45-minute car ride or you can hop on the provided-free-shuttle to go to KTM Kuang Komuter station. The KTM station is a mere 3 kilometres away and you can easily park and ride as well. It connects you to Sungai Buloh MRT station which gives you a variety of options to go around Greater Kuala Lumpur.

#5 You don’t like to live in a township

Some might not prefer to live in a township and may prefer to live in single developments such as apartments or condominiums that are built within established neighbourhoods. Gamuda Gardens is a new township with new and exciting amenities and facilities up & coming. Within 3 years, Gamuda Gardens has built and introduced a lot of amenities and attractions including Skyline Luge.

Neighbouring Gamuda Gardens are well-established townships so you can always pop by the surrounding neighbourhoods if you are a keen explorer. Gamuda Gardens residential areas are fully gated and guarded, so security is top-notch for those who have security at the top of their minds.

Yay or Nay?

The above are 5 reasons we think may make you not buy Gamuda Garden. If you resonate with any of the reasons, there are still plenty of other properties that may be of interest to you. However, if you are keen to explore your home options in the 810-acre Gamuda Gardens township, drop an enquiry below and we will get an authorized Gamuda Gardens sales personnel to be in touch.