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Alstonia Hilltop Homes Sungai Buloh

alstonia 3 storey terrace house
A swimming pool right in front of your doorstep! Enjoy this view right from your living room

There is a few reasons why we are mesmerized with Alstonia Hilltop Homes Sungai Buloh, one of them being the generously sized living spaces and the private secluded spot that it is located in. Let me explain why…

For those with a healthy budget, do consider taking a peek at the 3-Storey Garden Villas. These villas have a large open living space that opens to your own private green turf (or garden, as we call it) that also extends to the residents-only swimming pool and well-manicured garden. Super wow for those who love greenery and outdoor living.

With 4 generously sized rooms and 2 additional family halls on the higher floors, the family have ample private spaces to live in and entertain.

For those with growing children or even grown-up children, giving them a private room with ensuite bathroom and a balcony is simply the best gift! A little bit of privacy for their growing needs. And for those who enjoy living as one big happy family, the 3 Storey Garden Villa surely can accommodate the extended family living under one roof.

In terms of size, the intermediate units built up area is a whooping 3,500 sq ft while the corner units are slightly larger at 3,6000 sq ft.

alstonia floor plan
The floor plan of an intermediate 3 Storey Garden Villa in Alstonia

For the little private space, there is also a family are on the second floor which opens to a terrace.

These homes are also made with the environment in mind, so you’ll notice the void spaces – which means you have double-volume ceiling for the ground floor living area and the first floor family hall also enjoys expansive feel with the open void that extends to the top.

Despite having such large open spaces, you’ll be surprised that Alstonia Hilltop Homes are located in a convenient location of Bukit Rahman Putra. The entire freehold site of 4.11 acres is snuck in a private secluded corner, away from curious eyes but very accessible to major roads as well as the Sungai Buloh MRT and KTM station. For the growing family which may require public transportation, the entire Greater KL is at your reach with the public feeder bus.

Because of its exclusivity, there are only 31 units of Alstonia 3 Storey Garden Villas. So only 31 lucky families gets to own a piece of this private luxurious abode that is unique yet accessible to all amenities you can dream of.

We have all the juicy details of Alstonia Hilltop Homes, so head on there to check it out!

Note: If you are keen to know more, remember to drop an enquiry and we will arrange an authorized sales personnel to get in touch with you with the latest available units and prices. Best deals direct from the developer.