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Elmina Green

Elmina Green @ City of Elmina

Elmina Green is a 2 Storey Link Home in City of Elmina with a land size of 20’x70′ and the build-up sizes range from 2,016 to 2,425 sq ft. The overall look of the house is a vent block facade that gives your home a touch of nostalgia. The column-free car porch means that you have more space to park your car and more outdoor space to do whatever you wish.  The room on the ground floor is sizable enough as a proper bedroom which can be a guest room or AV room. The ground floor bathroom has build-in pocket sliding doors so that it is easy to use for the elderly.

Type 1 of Elmina Green offers a unique dual-key concept so you have two-tiered access to both floors – so there can be two different families living in the same house, with different access for each. Alternatively, you can rent out the top floor and live on the ground floor or vice versa.  It could be a good mix if you are in for retirement and the kids have left the nest, and it could be a good income generation if you could rent out the 3 rooms on the first floor while keeping a private abode for yourself on the ground floor.

Elmina Green Layout & Size – Type 1

Land Size : 20’x70′
Build Up : 2,016 sq ft

End Lot
Land Size : 20’x70′
Build Up : 2,219 sq ft

Corner Lot
Land Size : 22’x70″
Build Up : 2,425 sq ft

There are 2 entrances on the ground floor – which separates the ground floor and top floor.  Alternatively, you can also close one door and just use one – if you intend to occupy the entire house.  But flexibility is key – so you can switch when you need to.

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