Elmina Valley Phase 2

Elmina Valley Phase 2 at City of Elmina

elmina valley phase 2

Elmina Valley Phase 2 is a Double Storey Terrace House in City of Elmina comprising of 309 units with land sizes of 20’x70′ and 22’x80′ for the intermediate units and build up sizes ranging from 1,855 to 2,198 sq ft. Elmina Valley Phase 2 features open-plan floor layout and a play of modern and classic elements with brick pattern designs and clean lines. To maximize the interior space and have better air ventilation, the Elmina Valley Phase 2 has a single flight of staircase and column-free car porch. The backlanes will also be landscaped for the added touch of Elmina homes.

The Type B (22’x80′) version has a unique dual-frontage which offers view of the gardens for the living area which is located at the back of the house.  The front part of the house is a car porch and entrance to the house.  There is also a bedroom and bathroom that has a separate entrance to enable house owners to sub-let it out or for a family member who may prefer his/her own privacy.  This can also be used as a guest room or elderly parents as the room is reasonably sized and with access to the bathroom.

Type A (20’x70′) do not have dual-frontage, and is the conventional layout of living room facing the car porch. The bedroom downstairs is sizable as a guest room or elderly parent’s room. It has 3 other bedrooms upstairs, which means that there is a total of 4 Bedrooms and 4 Bathrooms for this property.

Elmina Valley Phase 2 Layout & Size

Type A 
Land Size : 20’x70′

elmina valley phase 2 type A layout

Type B
Land Size : 22’x80′
elmina valley phase 2 type B layoutElmina Valley Phase 2 is located adjacent to the lush 300-acre Elmina Central Park and nestled alongside the Elmina River. The extensive park provides you with a peaceful place to rest and rejuvenate.

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