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Exploring the Best Gamuda Gardens Home Options for Your Lifestyle

If you are in search of a home and is spoilt for choice, here are some tips on homes in Gamuda Gardens to help you narrow down your options.

Starter Homes in Gardens Park

If you are looking for a home in the range of RM700K onwards, you will find Gardens Park first phase a good option. Gardens Park is the sister development of Gamuda Gardens, approximately 1km away. Astor Double Storey Park Homes are available in 3 types & sizes – Type A 20×65 with 3 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms; Type B 20×60 with 4 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms; Type C 20×60 with 4 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms.

Gamuda Gardens Subsale Market

In the range of RM850K to RM1M, you will find Village Homes a good option in the subsale market. The good thing about subsale market is that you get what you see (type of house, neighborhood, community) so there is no surprises. Village Homes are made up of 4 types namely Nara, Aida, Lavena and Agalia. If you’d prefer your future home to be nearer to Waterfront Village and the lake, choose Lavena. If you are fine with anything, all are good options. These were completed & handed over in end 2019.

In the range of RM950K to RM1.3M onwards, you will find Lakeside Homes a good option. Joya is a Superlink while Jovita is a Cluster Semi-D. You can find these homes in the subsale market as they were recently handed over to the owners in end-2023. Generally they are larger homes compared to Village Homes and comes with higher price tags in the secondary market.

Bigger Homes, New Homes

If you are in the market for larger homes and they must be brand new, check out Valeria Garden Homes. These are great homes, and last parcel of terraced homes next to the lake. There are many different types of layouts but our personal favorites are a few. Type C is a 2.5 storey terrace house with land area of 26×75 with a family room on the second floor that has an open terrace – perfect for sunbathing or just a nice area to chill out. If you want a larger home, consider Type D 2 storey semi-d with land area of 35×80. Park your 3 cars side-by-side in your car porch. Or if you’d prefer a conventional double storey home, check out Type G with land area of 28×70 – super wide that will give you the spaciousness you need! Indicatively, Valeria Garden Homes prices starts from RM1.14 Million.

Higher-End Homes – Semi-D and Bungalows

For the well-heeled, check out Monarc at Gamuda Gardens Esteem. Current launch comprise of 16 bungalows and 78 semi detached homes in its own enclave right beside the lake. A selection of bungalows front the lake, so they enjoy a direct view of the lake. Bungalows comes with land sizes of 60×120 with build up from 6,382 sq ft. For something smaller, check out the 3 Storey Semi-D with land size of 40×80 and build up from 3,966 sq ft. Indicatively prices starts from RM1.9 Million for the Semi-D and RM4.2 Million for the Bungalows.

Starter Homes Starting from RM350K

If you like the area and want to have a starter home, consider Gaia Residences serviced apartments. These are urban-sized serviced apartments that are near to all the conveniences – upcoming Gardens Square, Waterfront Village and more! If you are starting out, a 2 bedroom may suffice – so there is the 640 sq ft option. Or if you want something larger, there is the 750 sq ft with 2+1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom or maybe the 900 sq ft with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms which is also a dual key unit. Prices of Gaia Residences starts from RM350K.

Retirement Homes at Gamuda Gardens

If you are thinking of investing in a retirement home not too far from the city, Gamuda Gardens is a perfect option. Location is perfect as the city is 45 minutes away from KL City Center. There are also medical facilities within a drive away – Sungai Buloh Hospital is an exit away via North South Expressway and KPJ Rawang is approx 10km away. If you are keen on an easy-to-manage home, consider Gaia Residences as they come in 2 room units that are perfect for a retirement lifestyle. If you prefer landed homes, consider Village Homes (subsale market) for it is the closest to Waterfront Village and upcoming Gardens Square retail area. Newer launches like Valeria Garden Homes starts from RM1.14 Million. If you want something more exclusive, consider Monarc for its Semi-Ds and Bungalows. Whatever you have in mind, Gamuda Gardens has something for you!

Why Gamuda Gardens?

Just in case you are not familar with Gamuda Gardens township, below are reasons why Gamuda Gardens township is the perfect choice for your new home.

  • Easy access via North-South Expressway – directly after Exit 115, there is a dedicated ramp that leads to the township.
  • Location at the intersection of Rawang South, Kuang and Sungai Buloh. Although it is in the locality of Rawang, you do not need to bypass Rawang town. Very strategic location.
  • KTM Kuang is 3km away, and it is just one stop away from Sungai Buloh MRT / KTM.
  • Skyline Luge Gamuda Gardens is a stone’s throw away. You can’t miss this if you travel up north via North South Expressway.
  • 50-acre pet friendly park at your doorstep.
  • Waterfront Village with dining options and conveniences you need.
  • Gardens Wellness aka clubhouse for those who love to workout, play badminton, have a swim, go to the gym, go for a steam or sauna.
  • Gardens Square is the retail park that will be completed by end 2024
  • 45 to 55 mins to KL city center. Don’t take our word for it, take a drive and find out yourself.
  • Renowned property developer, Gamuda Land. It is so important to buy from a reputable developer – among them for quality, reassurance and for future sale/rental prospects.
  • Up & coming township. Every time you walk into the sales gallery, there is something new! This is testament that the developer is developing and growing the township. Live in a place that is always growing, improving and getting better!
  • Gated and guarded enclaves. All residential enclaves have their own guards and all are secured with perimeter fencing. All these gives you peace of mind.
  • Strata property. In all honesty, strata property actually increases the value of your property as the aesthetics are controlled. I have seen non-strata property in which everyone seem to have their own taste in colors and the entire block looks like a kindergarden block – green, pink, blue, gates of all types, protruding extension that is an eyesore to everyone. It is also common that someone buys up a terrace house and designs it to look different from everyone else – spoiling the entire row’s look and feel. If you don’t believe me, go around old housing areas and have a look. It becomes a race to see who have more moolah to make crazy reno. And not to mention if your neighbor makes another level and spoils the roof and you get roofing issues that can never be rectified. So to save you all headache, go for strata property. Everyone looks uniform and neat.
  • 3 elements that makes Gamuda Gardens homes special – I didn’t even notice this until I took a closer look! Concealed drains throughout, concealed electrical cables and concealed internet cables. Zilch. You don’t have haphazard wires throughout so the entire neighborhood looks extremely tidy. And where are the drains? Underground. Take a look at the completed properties and you will notice that there is no drains – very safe for children and elderlies.

Ready to consider Gamuda Gardens?