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Luge at Gamuda Gardens

The world famous Skyline Luge from New Zealand is now open in Gamuda Gardens! Known as Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur or Gamuda Luge Gardens, this new attraction is a gravity-fuelled ride lets you enjoy a thrilling ride through 4 different tracks. Remember to check out What You Need To Know Before Visiting Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur.

What is Skyline Luge?

Skyline Luge was invented in New Zealand in 1985. It is a thrilling gravity-fuelled ride where riders sit on the unique 3-wheeled Luge cart equipped with a handlebar for steering and controlling speed. The unique gravity-fuelled Luge carts give you full control over your downhill ride, so you can enjoy the thrilling track features at your own speed. Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur aka Luge at Gamuda Gardens, will offer 4 purpose-built tracks with hairpin corners, exhilarating tunnels and downhill slopes which can be enjoyed during the day or night.

Opening hours & days

Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays: 10am to 6pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 10pm
Wednesday: Closed
For full details and confirmation, check out the Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur’s Opening Hours here.

If you are planning to visit close to the closing hours, do note that there is a cut-off time for ticket purchases. They will need to allocate sufficient time for all rides to complete and thus last ride would probably be way before the closing hours. If you are unsure, give a call to Skyline Luge prior to your visit.

Also note that if weather conditions does not permit (raining with thunderstorm and/or lightning) all rides have to be paused till weather improves. Follow the instructions from the crew members and stay safe. Bear in mind that the crowd may be larger during school breaks and weekends – so plan your visit.

As always, if you are unsure about the operating hours, ticket availability, latest ticket prices, queue line estimates or anything related, reach out to the official Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur website or just give them a call.

Sitemap of Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur

Below is the sitempa of Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur, and the 4 tracks are color-coded accordingly. You can purchase rides at the Skyline Luge website, and you can choose either 5, 4, 3 or 2 tracks (inclusive of Skyride).

Pic from

F&B and Other Attractions at Skyline Luge

From what we’ve initially seen, there are other attractions alongside Skyline Luge – the Fun Park at Gamuda Gardens! Below is an illustration we nipped off the GLPlay website – do check out the full details on their website. The Big Bucket was moved from the initial site at Waterfront Village, and there will be new attractions added including an upcoming Ferris Wheel which is supposed to be the tallest in Malaysia. There are also a variety of food outlets among them A&W, Jihun Korean BBQ, Llaollao and more!

You can also get tickets to the Fun Park at Gamuda Gardens from GLPlay website. Below are the prices of Fun Park rides. This is a screenshot from GLPLay website. Do check out the official website for current prices.

Directions to Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur

  1. From the North-South Highway from Kuala Lumpur, take an exit at 115 Rawang Selatan.
  2. At the toll booth, keep left most if possible. For reference, toll booth lanes are TouchNGo lanes on the first 3 left lanes, RFID/TouchNgo for 3rd lane, SmartTag on 4th lane (right most lane).
  3. You will need to take a left exit right after the toll booth, approx 100 meters away.
  4. As soon as you turn left, the road divides into two. Keep left towards Bandar Gamuda Gardens.
  5. As you turn in, just keep straight until you go through an underpass.
  6. You will see signages showing a U-turn. Keep to the left and follow the instructions to U-turn. Be careful as this is the main road so vehicles can be pretty fast at times.
  7. Go straight and you will see the signage of Gamuda Luge Gardens on your left. Turn in and go straight and you will see drop off areas & parking areas – simply follow the signages. Enjoy!

Google Map Direction:
Waze Direction:

What if there is no car park space at Skyline Luge?

Car park space may be limited at the Skyline Luge area (though there is A LOT of car park space when we checked it out). Due to the large crowd, you may not find a car park at the designated area. You are not allowed to park at non designated areas.

If you can’t get a car park space in Skyline Luge, you can easily park in Gamuda Gardens Waterfront Village (view map below) and take the free bus shuttle to Skyline Luge. If you are using Waze or Google Maps, just set your driving destination to “Gamuda Gardens Waterfront Village”. It is a 1-minute drive away and there are ample car park spaces here. If you are not in a hurry, do explore the 50-acre pet friendly lake, the Xploria (more fun stuff!), have a meal at one of the F&B outlets, buy some snacks/drinks at Freshii, take a swim/sauna/play badminton or use the gym at Gamuda Wellness(there is a fee to use the facilities) or stroll into the Gamuda Gardens Experience Gallery to view the current property launches in Gamuda Gardens. If you are coming to view a property, drop an enquiry below for a personalized site tour from Gamuda Gardens Relationship Associate.

Where to wait for the bus shuttle? Look out for the Boba Tea House, and you will see a Bus Shuttle schedule. While you are waiting, enjoy a drink here too!

When did Gamuda started building Luge at Gamuda Gardens?

Gamuda inked an MOU with New Zealand’s Skyline Luge in 2019. As a resident of Gamuda Gardens, we have seen it progressed from a secondary jungle to what it is today – it is an amazing transformation!

Below is a snapshot of the news piece from Edgeprop. Full link to to the article :

Below was a pic I search through Google to get an idea of what a luge is. Below is a pic of Skyline Luge in New Zealand. And if you are also thinking how to pronounce Luge, here’s how from Google. (It is “loozh”)

Live Work & Play (& everything in between) at Gamuda Gardens

Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur is an exciting addition to the Gamuda Gardens township. Launched in 2017, Gamuda Gardens is now home to the first phase of Village Home owners and second phase of Lakeside Homes consisting of Joya and Jovita. Other phases are being built as we write this, including but not limited to – Illaria, Valeria Garden Homes, Monarc, Gaia Residences, Gardens Square commercial centre, Village Square retail shops and more to come!

valeria garden homes | gamuda gardens
An artist impression of Valeria Garden Homes & the 11-acre private residents-only thematic landscape
monarc at gamuda gardens esteem
Monarc at Gamuda Esteem features Semi-Ds and Bungalow homes
Gardens Square at Bandar Gamuda Gardens Rawang
Gardens Square commercial center in Gamuda Gardens. Currently under construction, to be completed soon

For those who are working in the city, Gamuda Gardens is right beside the 3 major highways (North-South Highway linking to NKVE), Latar Expressway and Guthrie Corridor Expressway) – so accessibility is superb! And did we mention that there is also the KTM Komuter (Kuang & Sungai Buloh) as well as MRT Sungai Buloh facilities in the vicinity- so if you favor using public transportation, you can drive to the station and use the rail network instead.

Book an appointment to view current property launches in Gamuda Gardens

Since you are already in the township, come explore the various properties in Gamuda Gardens. Take a stroll at the 50-acre pet-friendly park or maybe grab a meal at one of the F&B outlets at the Waterfront Village. See what it is like to live in this growing township. Drop an enquiry below and we will get an authorized sales person from Gamuda Land to be in touch.