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Gamuda Cove Palma Sands

Gamuda Cove Palma Sands

Gamuda Cove Palma Sands is a residential terrace house in Gamuda Cove. It features 490 double-storey terrace houses with modern architecture with lush greenery and landscaping that extends to Central Park.

It is designed to accommodate different family needs and lifestyle, with a choice of four layouts that ranges from 1,824 sq ft to 2,620 sq ft. Palma Sands terrace houses price starts from RM680,000.

Each unit features ample living areas in practical layouts with meticulously designed areas to maximize views, natural lighting and good ventilation. The terrace houses feature sizes from 20″ width up to 28″width – so there is plenty of choices for those who prefer larger frontage for that extra exclusive feel (and also far easier to park up to 3 cars in the compound – for the Delta design).  

Palma Sands is FULLY SOLD

gamuda cove palma sands

Key Features of Gamuda Cove Palma Sands

  • Gated & Guarded Community 24×7
  • CPTED Model (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design)
  • 4 Floor Plans with affordable prices
  • Part of the Gamuda Cove City offering a myriad of amenities – covering wellness, education and entertainment.

Palma Sands Masterplan

Below is the masterplan of Palma Sands – with an overview of the facilities & amenities available within the residential enclave.

gamuda cove palma sands master plan

Terrace Houses in Gamuda Cove Palma Sands

Below are the four different sizes and facades in Palma Sands.

Gamuda Gardens Areca

Areca Terrace House
Land Size: 20 x 70
Build Up: from 1,824 sq ft

Breeza Terrace House

Land Size: 22 x 75
Build Up: from 2,214 sq ft

gamuda cove costa

Costa Premium Terrace

Land Size: 22 x 75
Build Up: from 2,271 sq ft

gamuda cove superlink terrace

Delta Terrace House

Land Size: 28 x 65
Build Up: from 2,620 sq ft

Palma Sands is fully sold. Drop an enquiry for other launches.

Virtual Showroom

Check out the virtual showroom. Walkthrough and get a feel of your future home.

ARECA 20×70 : Areca Showroom
BREEZA 22×75 : Breeza Showroom
DELTA 28×65 : Delta Showroom

Besides these gorgeous terrace homes, also remember to check out the Maya Bay Residences, the first Serviced Apartment in Gamuda Cove, Enso Woods and the luxurious Waterfront Estates.

If you would like to arrange a personalized visit to the show gallery, feel free to drop a note below and we will arrange it for you. You’ll get full details of all the available property, upcoming launches, and best property deals.