Gamuda Cove Price

Gamuda Cove Price

Gamuda Cove property prices starts from approximately RM650,000 (price is correct at time of writing, but is subject to changes). Prices of houses may differ for intermediate, end-lot and corner units as well as other factors such as land sizes, orientation and other factors. We recommend speaking to an authorized sales personnel which we can refer you to for an exact & precise pricing information. Simply put in your information below and we will arrange for a personalized call to provide you with the latest & detailed Gamuda Cove price.

Latest Gamuda Cove Prices

From our best knowledge, below are the current updated prices (February 2021) of Gamuda Cove :

Below are prices of the Palma Sands Terrace Houses for your reference. The prices are SPA (Sales & Purchase Agreement prices) without taking into account any promotion / discounts / rebates (if any). We suggest you to drop us an enquiry to get the latest deals so that you can get a better indicative price.enquiry

Gamuda Gardens Areca

ARECA Terrace House Price
Intermediate 20" x 70" - from RM760K [RM690K Non Bumi, RM640K Bumi]
Corner 28.5"/ 43.5" x 70" - from RM1.15 Million [RM1.0M Non Bumi, RM940K Bumi]

BREEZA Terrace House Price
Intermediate 22" x 75" - from RM898K [RM810K Non Bumi, RM760K Bumi]
Corner 30.5" / 45.4" x 75" - from RM1.26 Million [RM1.27M Non Bumi RM1.15M Bumi]

gamuda cove costa

COSTA Terrace House Price
Intermediate 22" x 75" - from RM1.18 Million
Limited units are available for Costa.

gamuda cove superlink terrace

DELTA Superlink Terrace House Price
Intermediate 28" x 65" - from RM1.37 Million [RM1.24M Non Bumi RM1.16M Bumi]
Corner 38.2" / 53" x 65" - from RM1.77 Million [RM1.6M Non Bumi RM1.49M Bumi]

MAYA BAY Residences Price
Type A - 550 sf - Inquire For Price
Type B - 688 sf - RM353K onwards
Type C - 818 sf - RM425K onwards
Type D - 968 sf - RM525K onwards
Type E - 968 sf - RM537K onwards
Commercial Shop Lots are now available from RM1.5 Million
For precise pricing, drop us an inquiry.

ensowoods japanese inspired

Enso Woods
Launching soon!
Indicatively prices starts from RM5xxK!
For sneak preview, drop us an enquiry.

Waterfront Estates
Launching soon!
Indicatively prices range from RM3 Million to RM8 Million
For sneak preview, drop us an enquiry.

We will update the prices from time to time when the information is made available to us. For accurate prices, drop us an enquiry below and we will arrange for current Gamuda Cove prices to be provided to you.

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