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Gamuda Cove Price

Gamuda Cove prices start from approximately RM780K for a landed terrace house (price is correct at time of writing, but is subject to change). Prices of houses may differ for intermediate, end-lot, and corner units as well as other factors such as land sizes, orientation, and other factors. Property prices mentioned in this page is meant to provide you with an indication and is not a final price. We recommend speaking to the authorized sales personnel which we can refer you to for exact & precise pricing information. Simply put in your information below, and we will arrange for a personalized call to provide you with the latest & detailed Gamuda Cove price.

How much is Gamuda Cove Property?


AUGUST 2023 – Fresh & hot from the oven – Mori Pines Scandinavian-inspired homes! Love entertaining? Have family gathering and need a seamless space? Or dream of having a large kitchen island but most layouts simply can’t accomodate? Take a look at Mori Pines homes – an open layout concept that allows your lifestyle to flow seamlessly from living to dining and to the kitchen. Check it out! Drop an enquiry as they are yet to be launched, but get the first dips! When you make an enquiry, we will inform an authorized sales personnel from the Gamuda Cove sales gallery to be in touch with you.

Gamuda Cove Prices


Below are indicative prices of all the properties in Bandar Gamuda Cove for your reference. These prices are accurate at the time of writing and may differ from actual due to a variety of reasons. If there are any discrepancies/disputes, do note that the final price &/or specification quoted by the Gamuda Cove team prevails. Below property prices are indicative and are not taking into account promotions/discounts/rebates (if any). We suggest you drop us an inquiry so that the authorized sales personnel from Gamuda can assist you further.

Below are indicative prices of Mori Pines.

  • Type A – From RM849K
  • Type B – From RM903K
  • Type C – From RM1.28 Million
  • TYPE A (Intermediate) 20 x 65 – from RM670K
  • TYPE B (Intermediate) 20×65 – from RM730K
  • TYPE C (Intermediate) 22×75 – from RM950K
  • TYPE D (Intermediate) 22×75 – from RM1.2 Million
  • TYPE E (Intermediate) 34×60 – from RM1.0 Million
  • TYPE A 20×65 – from RM780K
  • TYPE B 20×65 – from RM785K
  • TYPE C 22×70 – from RM985K
  • TYPE D 26×65 – from RM1.2 Million
  • TYPE E 26×80 – from 1.426 Million
  • TYPE F 34×60 – from RM1.366 Million
  • Type G 34×60 – from RM1.472 Million


  • Type A 550 sq ft – Drop an enquiry
  • Type B 688 sq ft – from RM360K
  • Type C 818 sq ft – from RM430K
  • Type D 968 sq ft – from RM530K
  • Type E 968 sq ft – from RM 540K
  • Retail Shop Lots @ Maya Bay – from RM1.5 Million


Indicative prices range from RM2 Million to RM9 Million. Register for a private tour and get more information on this unique property.

  • The Heron – from RM9 Million. Only 9 units are available
  • The Waterlily – from RM2 Million to RM 4 Million. Only 28 Units (Phase 1) & 29 Units (Phase 2)

We will update the prices from time to time when the information is made available to us.

IMPORTANT: Please review our Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer on the use of information provided on this website

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