Waterfront Estates

Waterfront Estates

Sneak Preview Available

Reserved for the discerning few, the Waterfront Estates is a luxury homes collection by Gamuda Cove.  Located at the southern end of Gamuda Cove, the Waterfront Estates is a private cul-de-sac surrounded by natural wetlands and waterways.  

We have minimal details on Waterfront Estates at this point of time as it is yet to be launched, however sneak preview is available for interested home buyers. Don't miss the early bird preview and opportunity to select your preferred unit.  Drop us a note (below) and we'll forward you to the authorized sales personnel from Gamuda Cove team.

waterfront estates aerial view

Artist impression of the aerial view of Waterfront Estates

Waterfront Estates offers luxurious bungalows conceptualized for the discerning few, fronting waterways and surrounded by natural wetlands.  


Indicatively, the homes in Waterfront Estates starts from RM3 Million, and up to RM8 Million each.   

If you are keen to know more, drop us an enquiry below.  

artist impression of bungalow waterfront estates

Location of Waterfront Estates

Strategically located in the Southern Residential zone, this luxurious enclave is in a private cul-de-sac location surrounded by natural surroundings.

waterfront estates gamuda cove location

We will be updating this page as soon as information is available to us. So bookmark this page and visit us again or simply drop an enquiry below and an authorized sales personnel from Gamuda Cove will be in touch to assist you.

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If you would like to arrange a personalized visit to the show gallery, feel free to drop a note below and we will arrange it for you. You'll get full details of all the available property, upcoming launches and best property deals.