Gamuda Gardens Limited Time Promotion

Gamuda Gardens Promotion

There are always new promotion and deals for Gamuda Gardens, subject to the developer's current campaigns and thus we would always advise for you to drop an enquiry below so that we can link you to the authorized Relationship Associates from Gamuda Garden to give you an accurate idea of current promotion for the property you are interested in.  Bumiputra purchasers are also advised to make an enquiry for bumiputra discounts available for Gamuda Gardens.

Gamuda Gardens Price List

Get an indicative price of Gamuda Gardens properties, including Village Homes terrace houses - Agalia 20x75, Lavena 20x75, Aida 22x75 and Nara 22x80.  These are the initial launch of landed properties in Gamuda Gardens and was launched back in 2017.  In 2019, the Lakeside Homes consisting of Joya Superlink Terrace Houses and Jovita Linked Semi-Detached homes were launched.  They are basically larger homes, and thus carry a higher price tag.  However it is interesting to note that these homes are uniquely different from the conventional terrace houses.

gamuda gardens waterfront village

Waterfront Village overlooking the cascading lakes in Gamuda Gardens

Property Launches in Gamuda Gardens

Launched in 2017, Gamuda Gardens has already opened up booking for several property types:

If you are keen to know more about the various deals available for the above properties, drop an enquiry.  Do note that some of these properties were launched some time back and may no longer be available (fully sold) or may have very limited units available for purchase.  

To get more information on Gamuda Garden's latest promotion and deals, drop an enquiry below.