Gamuda Gardens Agalia Showroom

Gamuda Gardens Agalia Showroom

Virtually walk through the Gamuda Gardens Agalia showroom

If you are keen on purchasing a property, one of the best way to check it out is via a 3D walk through like what we have below.  Virtually walk around the property to have a sense of the layout, number of rooms and the unique design of Gamuda Gardens Agalia.

Gamuda Gardens Agalia is a 20′ x 75′ in land size with a build up of starting from 1,961 sq ft.  There are 4 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms with a lovely view of the linear garden at the back of the property.  This is the first phase in Gamuda Gardens.  This is a truly thoughtfully spaced home – explore the Gamuda Gardens Agalia showroom below.

If you like the Gamuda Gardens Agalia Showroom, drop us a note below and we can arrange a personal visit so you can ask all the questions you need to know about this property.