Gaia Residence Floor Plan

Gaia Residence Floor Plan

Gaia Residence is the first Serviced Apartments in Gamuda Gardens. Comprising of 500 residential units, there are choices of 2 Bedrooms and 3 Bedrooms - which are sized for the urban lifestyle.  The focus of these apartments are for you to focus on enjoying your lifestyle while having a home that is easy-to-maintain yet fulfil your lifestyle needs.  We are showcasing 3 types below which ranges from 640 sq ft to 900 sq ft.  There is also a dual-key unit for those who like the versatility of having space that can be transformed according to the changes in your lifestyle.

Type B | 640 sq ft | 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

gaia residence type B

Type B1 | 660 sq ft | 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

gaia residence type B1

Type C | 750 sq ft | 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathroom

gaia residence type C

Type D | 900 sq ft | 3 Bedrooms, 2Bathroom (Dual-Key)

gaia residence type D

Depending on your lifestyle requirements, Gaia Residence offers you unique layouts that can suit your needs.  Whether you are a bachelor, a newly married couple, a small family or a retired couple - Gaia has a floor plan and layout to suit your lifestyle.  Live in a minimalist style, have a home that is easy to maintain so that you can live your life to its fullest.  

Drop us an enquiry and we will link you to the authorized sales personnel from Gamuda Gardens to give you a personalized review of Gaia Residence, book a personal visit to the newest showroom, show you the actual site and also share with you the latest promotion and rebates for Gaia Residences.  Remember to also check out the fully-furnished unit of Gaia Residence - you will be surprised at how affordable it is to live in a modern nature-inspired township of Gamuda Gardens!