Gamuda Gardens Price

Gamuda Gardens Price

Gamuda Gardens price starts from RM800K for double-storey terrace houses in Village Homes and Illaria starts from RM560K. while serviced apartments start from RM370K.  The prices are indicative figures and are estimates for the specific properties and actual prices may differ for various factors, including current promotions, rebates, deals.  Drop an enquiry below for an accurate price list for each of the property.  Please note however that final prices may vary of differ depending on the size, location, phase and availability - we would suggest you send us an enquiry and we will arrange for you to view available units and the prices.

Below are current launches and prices.  We will continue to update as and when there are new updates. Do note that the below prices are indicative only. Some of the properties are left with very few units, so drop us an enquiry if you are keen on the property.

How much is Gamuda Gardens Property?


JAN 2021 - A lot of new things happening in Gamuda Gardens!  Illaria is now available for sneak preview, with prices starting from just RM560K! There are also great deals for those purchasing during the government-led initiative, HOC home ownership campaign.  Massive savings for new home buyers - don't miss out this great opportunity to own a home!

We update the Gamuda Gardens Price from time to time to take into account the latest launches and properties.

VILLAGE HOMES - Completed in Oct 2020!


The below prices of Illaria are currently indicative. Final prices will be available when it is being launched. Currently Illaria is available for registration of interest. Drop us a note if you would like to be in the loop of the latest news on Illaria.

18' x 65' from RM570K
20' x 65' from RM640K
22' x 70' from RM930K
Townhouse from RM440K

  • Type B, 640-660 sq ft, 2 Room 1 Bath | Starting from RM370k – RM400k 
  • Type C, 750 sq ft, 2+1 Room 2 Bath | Starting from RM430k – RM470k 
  • Type D, 900 sq ft, 3 Room 2 Bath from | Price TBC – to be launched soon


There are new and exciting news for those who are looking for larger homes!  Waterfront bungalows are going to be launched soon and at the same time, Semi-Detached homes as well!  Indicatively, prices are as below.  Similarly, registration of interest is now open and drop us a note if you'd like to have first-hand non-publicly available information on this new exciting launch in Gamuda Gardens.

Bungalows from RM4M to RM6M
Semi-D from RM1.7M

JULY 2020 – With the great deals and HOC, this is a perfect time to purchase a property in Gamuda Gardens.

DEC 2019 – Jovita and Joya are now officially launched and all units are made available for booking. Prices are updated as above. Grab the opportunity to purchase a Gamuda Gardens property with the HOC campaign and also the Maybank HouzKey campaign. More details are available when you make an enquiry below and we will forward you to the Gamuda Gardens team. Phase 1 of Gamuda Gardens is going to be completed soon - and thus it is a perfect time to make a purchase now to save on interest and also to take advantage of the various promotion campaigns.

AUG 2019 – With the launch of Jovita and Joya in the recent months, the launch prices of both are now officially released. Joya starts from RM940K (this price excludes any current promotion, including HOC - so do enquire with us for latest & updated prices). Jovita starts from RM1.2M. Both are now available for booking and purchase. As Gamuda Garden township progresses, we noticed that there are new show houses being built and we are positive that more exciting houses are going to be launched soon. If you view the Gamuda Gardens masterplan, you'll notice that there are pieces of prime land earmarked for residential units - we speculate that these may be for Semi-Detached houses and Bungalows. So stay tuned and bookmark our page for updates!

MAR 2019 – We have indicative price for Jovita and Joya now. Joya is the Superlink Terrace which starts from RM940K and the premium units are tipping RM1 Million. Jovita, the linked Semi-D starts from RM1.2M up to RM1.7M for the corner (beautiful 2.5 storey units).

JAN 2019 – Price of Gamuda Gardens Village Homes have been revised. Previous prices as below. Current Agalia is starting from RM790K, Lavena RM860K, Aida RM910K and Nara RM990K.

  • Agalia 20′ x 75′ | Starting from RM790,000
  • Lavena 20′ x 75′ | Starting from RM860,000
  • Aida 22′ x 75′ | Starting from RM910,000
  • Nara 22′ x 80′ | Starting from RM990,000

DEC 2018 – We updated the prices of Gaia Residence now that we have additional information on them. Above prices are updated as of end Dec 2018. The Linked Semi-D, Jovita with spacious living space and internal courtyard is starting from RM1.2 Million – a steal for a 35″x70″ home in Greater Klang Valley. Invest in a large, spacious & exclusive home today!

SEPT 2018 – Prices of Village Homes in Gamuda Gardens has been revised as construction intensifies – main structures, wall, ,roofs and wall plastering begins on Phase 1 properties. Agalia unchanged, Lavena RM820k onwards, Aida RM850k onwards, Nara RM940k onwards.

  • Agalia 20′ x 75′ | Sept 2018 – RM740K
  • Lavena 20′ x 75′ | Sept 2018 – RM820K
  • Aida 22′ x 75′ | Sept 2018 – RM850K
  • Nara 22′ x 80′ | Sept 2018 – RM940K

MAY 2018 – Based on our research, prices of Agalia and Aida has been increased due to its advance stage of construction.  Agalia’s starting prices has increased from RM710k to RM740k while we do not have an indicative increase on Aida.  Aida has very few units available based on what we know.

  • Agalia 20′ x 75′ | April 2018 – RM710,000
  • Lavena 20′ x 75′ | April 2018 – RM780,000
  • Aida 22′ x 75′ | April 2018 – RM810,000
  • Nara 22′ x 80′ | April 2018 – RM880,000

If you are keen on purchasing a Gamuda Gardens property and would like to have the latest updates on Gamuda Gardens price or you are keen to select a unit based on your budget requirements, let us arrange for an authorised sales personnel to assist you – simply enter your details below.