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Gamuda Gardens Jovita Showroom

Virtually walk through the Jovita Showroom

Walk through the Jovita showroom at the comfort of your own home.  Take a look at the space utilization and envision how you will be living in this large spacious 35″ x 70″ home.  With sliding doors on the side of the home, you can easily extend your indoor life outdoors.  Get a home with plenty of natural lighting and great ventilation. 

Below are two virtual showhouses for Jovita. You will notice that both layouts are vastly different, but they all offer the same spaciousness you would absolutely love. Enjoy!

Jovita Virtual Showhouse

To view the virtual showhouse, just click on the below images (there are three different showhouses to view) and let the image load. Once loading is completed, you can mouse over click & hold to view the surroundings. You will notice circles (muted in white) which you can click on those to ‘move’ around the showhouse. Enjoy!

Jovita Type A1

Jovita Type B3

Impressed with Jovita’s showroom? View the actual showroom by dropping us an enquiry. We will be able to arrange a personal visit to the showroom so that you can ask all the questions you need to know about Gamuda Gardens.