Gamuda Gardens Joya Showroom

Virtually walk through the Joya showroom

Check out the Gamuda Gardens Joya showroom with the below 3D walk-through.  The walk-through gives you the ability to have a sense of the layout, number of rooms, spaciousness and the unique layout & design of the house.  

Gamuda Gardens Joya is a double-storey Superlink terrace house of 24′ x 65′ in lot size with a build up of starting from a generous 2,288 sq ft.  There are choices of 4 or 4+1 Bedrooms and 4 En-suite Bathrooms with large expansive layout throughout the entire home.  If you are a fan of large open spaces with feeling of spaciousness, Joya is the house to consider. Check out the below showroom at the the comfort of your own home.

Impressed with the Joya showroom? View the actual showroom by dropping us an enquiry. We will be able to arrange a personal visit to the showroom so that you can ask all the questions you need to know about Gamuda Gardens.