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Valeria Garden Homes

Valeria Garden Homes, an enclave with 11 acres of private thematic landscape, comprise of 434 beautifully crafted homes. Choose from 10 different layout & sizes, starting from 22×75 up to 35×80. Inspired by dandelion fields, this newly launched enclave feature biophilic homes within intricate landscaping. Prices of Valeria starts from RM1.14 Million.

Key Facts on Valeria Garden Homes

  1. Total area of Valeria Garden Homes is 51 acres
  2. There is 11 access to the private thematic landscape, a residents-only area to be enjoyed within the gated and guarded area of Valeria
  3. Only 434 homes in this exclusive residential enclave
  4. 10 layouts to choose from, including cluster homes and semi-d’s.

Valeria Garden Homes Floor Plan

Well planned living spaces with practical layouts that is suited for all lifestyles.

Valeria Type A

Valeria Gardens Homes Type A Facade
Valeria Garden Homes Type A Floor Plan


– 2 Storey Terrace Homes
– 4 Rooms, 4 Baths, 1 Utility
– 22″x75″ / 22″x85″
– 2,353 – 2,406 sq ft

The conventional layout for terrace homes. It is hard to go wrong with a well-loved floor plan featuring open plan concept for the ground floor and ensuite bathroom for all rooms on the first floor.

Valeria Type B

Valeria Garden Homes Type B Facade
Valeria Garden Homes Type B Floor Plan


– 2 Storey Terrace Homes
– 4 Rooms, 5 Baths, 2 Utility
– 24″x75″ / 24″x85″
– 2,618 – 2,665 sq ft

Larger than Type A, with an extra utility room and bath near the kitchen area. Great for those with live-in helper. With an extra 2 feet in the width, the house definitely feels more spacious overall.

Valeria Type C

Valeria Gardens Homes Type C Facade
Valeria Garden Homes Type C Floor Plan
Click on the image to view the larger floor plan


– 2.5 Storey Terrace Homes
– 4 Rooms, 5 Baths, 2 Utility
– 26″x75″
– 3,189 – 3,492 sq ft

Generous 26 feet width to give your home an instant expansive feel – and intermediate units comes with an internal garden! There is a utility room with yard on the first floor, which suits multipurpose usage. The second floor features a family room that opens up to an open terrace so you can enjoy sunbathing (or moon bathing?). It is always nice to have a private break out area to work out or to meditate, or maybe just to hang out with your friends.

Valeria Type D

Valeria Garden Homes Type D Facade
Valeria Type D Floor Plan


– 2 Storey Semi-D Homes
– 4+1 Rooms, 4+1 Baths, 2 Utility
– 35″x80″
– 2,728 sq ft

A larger width so you can park 3 cars side-by-side on your car porch. You have garden space on the sides and back of the home – perfect if you’d love a little greenery around the house. The utility room on the back portion of the house comes with a toilet, perfect for a helper. It can also be perfect as a laundry room.

Valeria Type E

Valeria Garden Homes Type E Facade
Valeria Type E Floor Plan


– 2 Storey Cluster Homes
– 4+1 Rooms, 4+1 Baths, 2 Utility
– 35″x70″
– 2,671 sq ft

This layout is quite similar to Type D, for the exception of the 10 feet land area on the back portion of the house. As this is a cluster house, 4 houses are joined on the back portion of the house. The car porch fits 3 cars side by side and with still space for a little garden on the front portion.

Type F

Valeria Garden Homes Type F Facade
Valeria Garden Homes Type F Floor Plan


– 3 Storey Cluster Homes
– 5+1 Rooms, 5+1 Baths, 2 Utility
– 35″x70″
– 3,491 sq ft

This layout is perfect for someone looking for more space and more rooms. The first floor’s Bedroom 2 has a large balcony so you can enjoy some fresh air outdoors. Similarly the Master Bedroom 2 on the second floor opens to a balcony. All bedrooms comes with ensuite bath and are large in size – perfect for that growing family needs.

Type G & H

Valeria Garden Homes Type G and Type H


– 2 Storey Link Homes
– 3+1 Rooms, 3+1 Baths
– 28″x70″
– 2,784 sq ft

If you’d like the conventional double storey homes layout but prefer every area to be a little more spacious, this is the layout to go for. With 28 feet width, you can park 3 cars side by side. Rooms are also generously sized, so you’ll definitely enjoy the spaciousness.

Siteplan of Valeria Garden Homes

434 homes built in harmony with the biophilic and idylic landscape unique to Valeria.

Gamuda Gardens Valeria Garden Homes Siteplan

Where is Valeria Garden Homes?

Valeria Garden Homes is at the fringe of the cascading lakes, right after Lakeside Homes. The site offers a direct view of the lake.
The below location map gives you a better idea of the exact location of Valeria Garden Homes and the surrounding amenities.

Valeria Garden Homes Location in Gamuda Gardens

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Location of Gamuda Gardens

Gamuda Gardens can be conveniently accessed via 3 major highways namely North-South Highway, LATAR Expressway and Guthrie Corridor Expressway.  This connects you to Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Selayang, Kuala Lumpur and just about anywhere conveniently with a car drive away.  If you are thinking about public transport like the MRT or LRT, the KTM Komuter Kuang station is just 3km away and it is just one station away from Sungai Buloh interchange – where you can opt for MRT or continue your journey with KTM Komuter.  It also neighbours the newer townships in Rawang as well as Kuang, Kundang and Bukit Rahman Putra.  For estimation purposes, a drive from Exit 115 (a dedicated exit to Gamuda Gardens is already ready) to Mid Valley is a 45 to 60-minute leisurely drive at peak hours between 7 am to 8 am.

gamuda gardens location map sungai buloh

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