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Gardens Park Price

Gardens Park, the newest sister development adjacent to Gamuda Gardens is priced from RM775K (indicative S&P price). This information is obtained from the authorized sales personnel from Gamuda Land. The official launch prices will only be available upon the launch of the property, and we will update the Gamuda Garden Prices when we have official information from the developer.

Gamuda Park at Gamuda Gardens

532-acre of adjacent land from existing Gamuda Gardens

If you have been following the updates from Gamuda Gardens, you are probably aware that the total land size of the township is 810-acres comprising of residential, commercial and mixed development. In early 2023, Gamuda announced the acquisition of 8 parcels of land adjacent to the existing Gamuda Gardens township for RM360 million for a mixed development with gross development value of RM3.3 billion over 10 years. This exciting news is a continuation of the success of Gamuda Gardens since its launch in 2017.

Starter Homes for Young Professionals & Downsizers

Gardens Park will focus on landed terraced homes in a more competitive price range compared to the sister development of Gamuda Gardens. The upcoming (yet to be launched) Astor Double Storey Park Homes is worth considering at prices in the range of RM7XXK.

Why invest in Gardens Park?

Below are also some key benefits of Gardens Parks:

  • Freehold and individual titled properties that gives you the flexibility to do customization that is otherwise not allowed in strata-titled property. Eg. you can change the gate design, paint your exterior walls in a different color, choose fancy tiles for your car porch and more!
  • Connected to existing Gamuda Gardens via a 1km woodland boulevard – As an extension of Gamuda Gardens, this new parcel of land is connected via landscaped park connector
  • 50-acre Ring Park – There will be its own iconic attraction, the 50-acre Ring Park – an area for its residents to enjoy the landscape and recreation areas
  • Toll-free access to & from Gamuda Gardens and Rawang – From our observation, we speculate that there will be an access through via Jalan Meranti that leads to Aeon Rawang.

Gardens Park is Perfect for All

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, downsizing to a smaller house, or upgrading from a high rise dwelling to a landed house, Gardens Park is a perfect choice for all. With a focus on nature and greenery, this township is a refreshing change from conventional housing estates that focuses on packing in as much property as possible.

Gardens Park Overview 1
Artist impression of Gardens Park homes enveloped by lush greenery

Enquire about Gardens Park Rawang

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