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Home Loan Calculator

Malaysia Home Loan Calculator

Calculate Your Monthly Loan Repayment

The below tool is to help potential house buyers estimate the monthly home loan repayment amounts. To get started, key in the property selling price, total down payment, and total years of financing and click submit. To view the amortization of the loan, click on the little graph button beside the monthly repayment amount after you click on submit.

You can use the Home Loan Calculator to get an idea of how much you can afford for the new property purchase.

Guideline to use the home loan calculator

  • Down payment is usually 10% of the property price.  Keying in this correctly will give you the right loan financing amount.  If you are getting an 80% financing, put 20% of the property value in this column.
  • Interest rate can vary depending on type of financing, tenure and different banks.  As a general rule, you can put in 3.5% though you will find some that has a much lower rate. For more accurate interest rate, you can refer to the respective bank’s home loan interest rate.
  • Amortization period refers to the number of financing years.  As a rule of thumb, Malaysian banks allows maximum financing of up to 75 years, and a maximum financing years of 35 years.  Example if you are 25 years old, the maximum financing is still 35 years.  If you are 45 years old, you can only have a maximum financing of 30 years.

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