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5 Reasons to Leave the City Behind and Settle in Gamuda Gardens

In today’s modern world, cities like Kuala Lumpur have become overly crowded, and it is not easy to find home that offers tranquil and peaceful surroundings. Although there are new townships developed in the suburbs and fringes of Greater Kuala Lumpur, many are not easily accessible or too far from the city or lack amenities and facilities. If you are looking for a landed home surrounded by beautiful landscape with easy access to major highways and equipped with amenities and facilities, Gamuda Gardens may be what you are looking for.

Gamuda Gardens Picturesque Waterfall at Waterfront Village

Gamuda Garden is located close to major expressways such as Guthrie Corridor Expressway, LATAR, and North-South Expressways. If you are coming via North-South Expressway, you can take exit 115 and right after the tol, Gamuda Gardens is just an exit ramp away.

Surrounded by lush green mountains and cascading lake, Gamuda Gardens offers a new way of living close to nature but still very accessible to the city of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. If you are travelling to Kuala Lumpur city center, it is just 20km away. If you are travelling to Mid Valley, it is approximately 45 minutes drive away. If you are travelling to PJ, it will just be 30 minutes away.

Key Reasons To Live in Gamuda Gardens

#1 Natural Landscape and Greenery

Living in the city would deprive you of vast natural landscape and greenery. Space is premium and housing developments would usually try to maximize land use by squeezing in as much sellable space as possible, hence leaving landscape and greenery to a minimum. In Gamuda Gardens, residential enclaves are filled with pocket gardens and sufficient break out space. Example, in Village Homes you will be greeted with pockets of garden as soon as you enter the guard house. I’ve seen developments with houses just 5 steps away from the guard house and residents had to park beside the guard house due to lack of space.

Gamuda Gardens 50-acre Central Park and lake

Central of the township is a generous 50-acre park that consist of 5 cascading lakes, jogging & cycling path, children’s playground, observation tower, exercise equipments and plentiful of trees and plants. The entire park pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your dog along for a stroll with you. Try going for a walk along the lake at 6.30am where you can hear critters in the quietness, clean & fresh air, and dew in the air! This is the perfect time to fill the lungs with fresh air, rejuvenate and clear your mind before you start the day. Currently, Village Homes, Lakeside Homes, Valeria Garden Homes and Monarc have direct access to the lake via a side door from each residential enclave. This side door is only accessible to residents.

#2 Large and Spacious Houses

When you have to live in a city, it is costly and difficult to get a large and spacious house. Due to prohibitive cost, urbanites end up living in small homes. There are pro and cons to smaller homes, but if you are in search for larger space to fit your family or maybe you just love wide open spaces, look no further than Gamuda Gardens. Landed homes offers you more living space and private porches to park your cars and possibly to flex your green fingers as well.

If you are keen on entertaining at home, homes in Gamuda Gardens offers you the opportunity to do so. It may be having a dream kitchen island, or a 12-seater dining table, or just enjoy having the extended family celebrating the festivities with you. No longer need to squeeze in small spaces with barely any space to move around.

#3 30 Minutes Away from Kuala Lumpur

Most prefer to live closer to their work place to save travelling time. If you are the type that wakes up at 8.45am and expect to walk to your office by 9.00am, then you will definitely need to find a home beside your office. However, if you are willing to travel 30 to 45 minutes, Gamuda Gardens can be a good choice for you. With access to major highways, you can drive to KL or PJ in just 30 to 45 minutes. The Kuang KTM station is approx 3 km away and you can park the car and take public transportation to your workplace.

#4 New and Upcoming Township

In the beginning, Gamuda Gardens seemed very lacking in amenities. Since then, many new amenities and facilities have popped up! The Waterfront Village have a handful of F&B outlets, the Gaia Boulevard have mamak shops, a pharmacy, a clinic, groceries and more! And by end 2024, the commercial area Gardens Square will be completed with a lot more shopping conveniences in store for its residents. Not forgetting the opening of Gamuda Luge Gardens in end 2023!

There is a lot to lookout for in this growing township. New areas being developed within the township, new residential enclaves with more exciting concepts, and even a sister development popping up – the Gardens Park!

#5 Superb Value Homes

Anyone purchasing a home should always look at the value and not just the absolute price. Expensive can have different meaning for different people. The value of the property should always be looked in tandem with the facilities, amenities, conveniences, the community, the surrounding, developments within the area, among other factors. Gamuda Gardens offers its residents numerous conveniences coupled with the safe and secure environment (gated and guarded community).

Escape the busy city and live in Gamuda Gardens

Gamuda Gardens always have new property launches so you may want to check it out and also what are the property prices. for latest pricing information of each development. Whatever stage in life you are in, Gamuda Gardens have a suitable home for you. This is the perfect township to combine healthy living amidst work and play.

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