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Living in Gamuda Gardens – Is it For You?

In today’s modern world, cities have become crowded, and it is not easy to find a peaceful place to live in cities like Kuala Lumpur. Although there are new townships developed in the suburbs and fringes of Greater Kuala Lumpur, most of these lack lifestyle facilities, are not easily accessible, and do not offer amenities that would make day-to-day living easy and comfortable.

Gamuda Gardens Waterfront
Enjoying the sunset and sunrise is perfect from the Waterfront Village.

Gamuda Garden is a new township that has all the facilities to kick start a perfect lifestyle. Gamuda Gardens is located very close to some major expressways such as Guthrie Corridor Expressway, LATAR, and North-South Expressways. 

Below are my observation and review of Gamuda Gardens Review and why you should buy live in this new township.

Surrounded by lush green mountains and lakes, Gamuda Gardens offers a new way of living close to nature but still very accessible to the city of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. In terms of distance, it is a mere 20km from the city center of Kuala Lumpur. It is a perfect choice for the lovers of natural beauty and people who want to live in homes nestled in nature. Numerous facilities makes it one of the best alternatives to live in the city while still being able to enjoy nature at your doorstep. The 50-acre park features cascading lakes while the Xploria entertainment zone has various adventure and entertainment for fall family members.

Key Reasons To Live in Gamuda Gardens

Natural Landscape and Greenery

gamuda gardens park
A walk along the jogging cum cycling path. Village homes in the background.

Living in the city is almost always equivalent with excessive noise pollution – from vehicles, public transport, emergency services (ambulance, police, fire engines etc). Some may have gotten used to it, but many would prefer to return home to a serene and peaceful environment after a long day at work. At Gamuda Gardens, the 50-acre park is managed by Gamuda Parks and is surrounded by the lush greenery of Kundang, Kuang and Rawang. There are five lakes with jogging and cycling tracks which encourages residents to practice a healthier lifestyle. All lakes are maintained by Gamuda Parks and are also pet-friendly! Village Homes are closest to the lakes, offering a variety of terrace houses. The waterfall is another beautiful feature of the Gamuda Garden which is located within the 50-acre park and provides an astonishing view from all sides of the park. All in all, Gamuda Gardens is a place for people who love nature and would want to live a quality lifestyle.

Large and Spacious Houses

When you have to live in a city, it is costly and difficult to get a large and spacious house. Due to prohibitive cost, urbanites end up living in small homes. Gamuda Gardens offers homes ranging from 1,960 sq. ft to 2,400 sq. ft with a modern facade and a lot of natural light and air. Such spacious houses promote a healthy lifestyle by providing enough space for all the residents of the house. Multi-generational living is one of the plus points for these homes as extended families can live together under one roof. There is always something for everyone living in the house. Unlike small mini houses in cities, it eliminates the need of sharing rooms with others. Therefore, it is a dream place to live close to the city center.

30 Minutes Away from Kuala Lumpur

Usually prefer to live in cities because they find their work location very close to their homes. It is always the right choice because living away from cities makes it difficult for employees to reach offices on time. Moreover, newly developed towns have transportation issues and it is difficult to connect them with cities.

Despite myths that the location is far away, Gamuda Gardens is actually only 30 to 40km away from the city center and it takes only 30 to 45 minutes to drive to the city. The Kuang KTM station is a stone’s throw away and (in future) there will also be a shuttle service to ferry passengers to and fro. You will have public transportation (KTM and MRT) if that’s your preferred choice of transport. In the future with the completion of Gamuda Gardens City, there will also be ample offices and commercial spaces.

Enjoy the Life of a Township

In cities, people have to live in apartments and most places are overcrowded and always full of people. However, living in a suburb township provides you with a completely new experience. Rapid developments are currently taking place in the township and there will be private schools, shopping areas, entertainment zones and event areas (Le Pavilion). Residential areas of the town are fully secured, thus reducing the chances of petty crimes. It is an entirely new township where you can spend time with your neighbors in the gardens, lakes or Waterfront Lake. Living in a town is beneficial because people can make some new friends easily. It improves harmony and promotes togetherness. 

Superb Value Homes and Top-Notch Facilities

The playground managed by Gamuda Parks for all to enjoy

Unlike other societies, Gamuda Garden isn’t expensive as prices start from approx RM750,000 for double-storey homes. Buying a house in Gamuda Gardens gives you the opportunity to enjoy numerous facilities such as playgrounds, waterfall, lakes, jogging tracks, cycling tracks, lush green mountains, and natural scenery. There is also a clubhouse with badminton courts, swimming pool and gym facilities for those who want to practice a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a good workout. There are also Grocery Stores, Shopping Areas, Private and Government Schools. 

Le Pavilion Gamuda Gardens – a place for events, weddings etc

Gamuda Gardens is a haven for nature lovers and is suitable for newly married couples as well as matured families. In fact, it is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to live peacefully away from the busy city. Gamuda Gardens has gained popularity due to its immaculate landscaping and outstanding township planning. It will be a township of the future, promoting healthy living amidst work and play. If you are keen to consider living in Gamuda Gardens, check out the various properties available now!

All images used in this post are courtesy of Ken Low