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Mio Spring – What’s The Excitement About?

Mio Spring is the latest property launch in Gamuda Cove, creating a little bit of a buzz with its unique zen-inspired internal landscape and outlook. Concept aside, this latest launch brings a total of 7 floor plans to suit different lifestyle needs. What caught out eye is the larger width of the homes (up to 34 feet!) and the focus on privacy where walkways/linear gardens do not face each other’s – so you don’t open your door and instantly see your neighbor’s door.

Type E is a generous 26 feet width and has 4+1 Bedrooms

Mio Spring layouts – a typical one?

If you are looking for a conventional layout, Type A, B, C and D offers you what you are looking for. Each may differ slightly but Type A offers only 3 bedrooms and 2+1 bath. From what we see, Type A may be suited for first time home owners, bachelor (& bachelorettes) or retirees who may not require that many rooms. It does not have a room at the ground floor, so it gives you ample space to be creative with your planning and renovation. Price starts from RM780K, subject to changes and availability (T&C applies to all price mentions). Below is the layout of Type A. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a practical layout for the right lifestyle.


Non typical floor plan – with a focus on privacy with 34 feet width

Mio Spring follows the success of Ensowood (fully sold, sorry!), which we were so in love with when we visited the largest layout of Type E. Wide open space, a linear garden cum walkway, the squarish layout that makes the layout feel expansive, the double volume ceiling living room and generously sized rooms. With Mio Spring, Type F and G have somewhat the similar layout and with everything we’ve mentioned. The entrance walkway do not face your neighbor’s so you don’t end up peeking (accidentally) into your neighbor’s house whenever you open your main doors. And, the house comes with 34 feet width! A typical house of 22 feet is already spacious but 34 is avantgarde. To explain in words is challenging, we’ll let the floor plan do the necessary. If you are keen to view all the layouts, head to our Mio Spring page.


Something in between?

If you are in the market for something not too large, not too small – then check out Type D and Type E. Both comes with 4+1 Rooms – the utility room on the ground floor serves as an extra room that can be used as extra storage or for the live-in helper. The ground floor room is also generously sized as the homes are 26 feet wide, so no worries about having an elderly relative living with you.

The other plus point is having a service yard (or laundry yard) at the back of the house – so you can keep your laundry and cleaning equipments out of your main living area. This is where your washing machine, dryer, mops and brooms can be stored without cluttering your kitchen. This feature is very thoughtful.

For those with green fingers, Type E would be your best choice. A linear garden extends from the car porch into your living area so you can have your own private water feature or a herb garden. Your living room overlooks this garden so there is plenty of natural light and ventilation. And, your garden doesn’t face your neighbors so you can have a little privacy there with whatever you have in mind. Do note that this is a strata title property, so anything permanent that alters the outer look of the house requires prior approval from the management and subsequently from the local council. That is also the plus point of living in strata title properties like Gamuda Cove and Gamuda Gardens – there are rules to be adhered to that is supposed to upkeep the property’s image (& value) and prevent you from having unsightly renovations, additions and colours that makes the place look like a kindergarten of sorts. Have a look at Type E layout below:


Living in Gamuda Cove

Buying a home requires a lot more than just a budget. You would want to check out the developer’s reputation, the surrounding areas, the development within the township, the other properties in the area, amenities, facilities, connectivity and more. Gamuda Cove has all the checkboxes ticked for the above factors. Now the option is only to select the home that fits your requirement and lifestyle. If you are keen to explore further, drop an enquiry and an authorized Gamuda Cove representative will be in touch.

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