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New Hall & Access Road for Kundang Estates

Something to rejoice for Kundang Estates owners and future residents because there is a new access road that is taking shape that leads to the new Kundang Estates development.

Kundang Estates is a 89-acre low density boutique residential development in Kundang area. Launched in 2016, Kundang Estates has so far launched 573 double storey terrace houses with land sizes ranging from 20″x70″ to 24″x70″. There are only 7 units per acre, making this an extreme low density development – perfect for those who prefer tranquility and nature.

Enhanced Road Connectivity

To improve connectivity of Kundang Estates with other hubs and surrounding areas, Gamuda Land has invested in extending and widening the roads leading to the residential development.

High Speed Broadband

Besides the road connectivity, future residents of Kundang Estates will also enjoy complimentary 2 years of high speed broadband up to 100Mbps upon vacant possession.

community farmining kundang estates

Community-Centric Development

Besides the amenities available to the residents of Kundang Estates, there is also 1-acre of land that has been dedicated for a community hall of 8,000 sq ft housing 3 badminton courts, a basketball court and six ping pong tables. The space is also convertible into an event hall for general community use. 

Kundang Estates Houses

Below are the current terrace houses in Kundang Estates that are nearing completion. If you are interested in these terrace houses, below are the links to more information on each of the house types. To get an indicative investment required to own a piece of Kundang Estate, view the prices of Kundang Estates here.

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