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Property Near MRT Kuala Lumpur

Property near MRT

Are you considering to buy a property near an MRT station?

Property is probably one of the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, thorough research is crucial before making a decision. Some will swear by the mantra of location, location, and location while others may have other factors thrown in before they consider purchasing.

As a property owner, these are some of the factors that influences my decision in purchasing (not in any particular order). It may differ from yours but use it as a general guideline if you are still contemplating on buying a property.

  1. Location – No one location is better than another as it depends on your purpose, lifestyle choices, and vicinity to amenities you need.
  2. Amenities – Schools, medical facilities, supermarkets, shops, petrol station may be some amenities you want to think about.
  3. Public transportation – Vicinity to MRT, KTM, LRT, bus stops is always a good point for investment purposes.
  4. Gated & Guarded – Usually comes with a strata title but comes with impeccable landscaping and management. I love it, may not be for some.
  5. Developer Track of Record – Always check the reputation of the developer. A developer who invest in amenities and building new infrastructure means they are serious in developing the area – usually these runs in tens of millions. You would not want to buy into a place that fringes everything that is overgrown with shrubs and look unkept.
  6. Price Range – Always buy within what you can afford. If you have a 500K budget, work around it. A one million dollar house can be a goal you want to work for, but maybe not now.

Below I have selected some property near MRT stations that I personally liked (& still do). Have a peek, it may suit you or it may not. Either way, have a good read.

List of MRT stations

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