Refer A Potential Buyer To Us And Get RM1,000*
Have a friend who is getting married, got a new job, got promoted?
Chances are they would be keen to purchase a new home!
Refer them to us, we will do the necessary. T&C apply.
How Does It Work?
  • Enter your friend's name, email address and contact number
  • Enter your name, email address and contact number
  • We will follow up with the lead, and inform them that you have referred them to us.
  • The lead will be passed to our sales consultant who will follow up with them.
  • Once sale is closed (S&P signed), it will be a 90 day cooling period before we pay the referral fee to you.
Terms & Conditions
  1. You agree to provide us with contact that you personally know as we will be verifying the information with the name you've given us.
  2. You agree that we will contact the person you've referred and inform them of your name, email address and phone number , if they require identification of person who refer them.
  3. Referral fee of RM1,000 is only applicable for successful purchase of property.  "Successful purchase of property" herein refers to signing of S&P within 21 days of initial downpayment and successful execution of loan (if any) and completion of 2nd payment (as per S&P).
  4. A cooling period of 90 days upon 2nd payment is applicable before referral fee is payable.  We will require your full name to issue a cheque once we you log in a successful sale. 
Refer Us A Potential Property Buyer Program
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