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Semi Detached House : Gamuda Gardens Jovita

The semi detached house is a popular option for those seeking a balance between privacy, spaciousness, and affordability. In Gamuda Gardens, you will find the Jovita in Lakeside homes a perfect home with a minimum land area of 35″x70″. It is important to note that Jovita is actually a cluster house as there are 4 houses attached to each other instead of the usual 2 for a typical semi-d home.

Semi-Detached vs Cluster House

Semi-detached house: Imagine two terraced houses mirrored and joined together along a single wall. That’s essentially a semi-detached house. You’ll share one wall with your neighbor, but you’ll have separate entrances, roofs, and typically some private outdoor space like a small garden. They are a good option for those who want a bit more independence than a terrace house but might not require the full privacy of a detached bungalow.

Cluster house: Cluster houses have four houses joined together on the sides and back of each other. There will be 2 shared walls but each home will have its own entrances and a private outdoor garden on the sides. This gives each home better ventilation and natural lighting compared to a terrace house. Cluster homes are common in new housing developments, offering home owners an opportunity to bring the outdoors in. Sometimes, these houses are called “semi-d” and thus you will need to be aware that it may be different from an actual semi-detached house.

Jovita Cluster House

gamuda gardens jovita cluster house

Officially launched in June 2019, Gamuda Gardens Jovita consist of 144 units of 2-storey and 2.5-storey Cluster Houses with a minimum land area of 35″x70″.

Key Facts on Jovita

  • 2 Types: 2 Storey(132 Units) and the 2.5 Storey (12 Units)
  • Total units: Only 144 units
  • Land size: Minimum of 35″x70″
  • Build up: From 2,637 sq ft to 3,390 sq ft and large layouts!
  • Bed & Bath: 2 Storey has 4 Beds & 5 Baths; 2.5 Storey has 5 Beds & 6 Baths

What we love about Jovita

  • Spacious car porch – enough to fit 3 cars side-by-side. You can also park a few more on the sidewalk.
  • Up to 5 bedrooms – perfect for a large family where everyone gets their own private space. The rooms are generously large, so it is not a squeezed in type of room that you see in many high rise dwellings.
  • Large ground floor room – a sufficiently sized room on teh ground floor with en-suite bathroom so it is perfect as a guest room, for an elderly relative, or maybe a home office.
  • Open layout – no odd corners or weirdly cordoned spaces that leaves you with little space for creativity. Open layout allows you to be creative about how you want to redefine your living space
  • Internal courtyard – a nice little courtyard for extra natural light and improve ventilation.

Take a peek at Gamuda Gardens Jovita Layout!

Our personal favorite Jovita?

Personally, we like Layout Type A1 because as soon as you walk into the house through the foyer, you can just feel the expansiveness of the house. The courtyard is a nice addition and even at the upstairs – this feature adds a lot of natural light into the house. Having a living space that opens up to my own garden is just a nice extension when family and relatives comes over. Imagine a BBQ and chilling out under the moon – all in the comfort of your own private home.

Price of Jovita

Prices for Jovita starts from RM1.2 Million for the 2-storey units while larger units starts from RM1.7 Million. Do note that some units comes with larger land areas so they are priced higher.

Ready to make Gamuda Gardens your new home?

There is always something new going on at Gamuda Gardens, so do check out the latest property launches and what’s new at the main Gamuda Gardens page. Or you can simply drop your enquiry below and we will get an authorized Gamuda Gardens sales person to reach out to you.