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Sentral Suites Layout

Sentral Suites Layout – 10 Floor Plans To Suit All Lifestyle Needs

Should you go for the one room, one plus one room, two rooms or the dual key of two rooms and a separate suite? At Sentral Suites, you would be spoilt for choice because there are 10 different floor plans to choose from!

Before you hop onto the floor plans, let us tell you some of the unique features to look out for.

A Yard

This is a feature very often overlooked because you tend to get wow-ed with the interior design but forget about the function of a yard. You need a yard to keep all the not-so-pretty stuff out of sight – so this includes your mop, the vacuum cleaner, the pail, and all your cleaning essentials. If the yard is large enough, you could also double it up as a washing area. So now that you know how important a yard is, we are pleased to tell you that all units in Sentral Suites have a yard – simply because we know that Sentral Suites is meant to be a home, not a hotel room.

Storage Nooks

We realized that most homes lack storage space, more so for the smaller one-room units, so we made sure that all the one-room floor plan has a storage corner for you to keep your stuff. We like to use it as a pantry (to keep all your snacks, food supplies and maybe your food processor, pots & pans) so that the entire home looks spick and span. So even before you move into your new home, we have that already thought out for you.

Study Corner / Home Office Area

It is modern life – a lot of young urbanites work from home or what we call as working remotely. If you work from home or are working remotely, we have a corner dedicated to your work area. The single room layouts (Type A Corner) have a study corner that is enclosed so you can even convert that into a small room if needed. So no more working on the kitchen countertop or on the bed (that’s so unproductive!) – get yourself a working table and work professionally in a dedicated corner for work.

Dual Key Option

We absolutely adore this floor plan. There are so many possibilities with a dual key option. It can be a guest room, elderly parent home, craft room, man’s cave, home office or simply rented out for additional income. So which is yours? The dual key floor plan comes with 2 Bedroom + 2 Bath on the main home and the separate Ensuite with an entrance that shares a foyer. So there is privacy if you are subletting it out to someone else.

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