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A Closer Look: 4 Unique Features of KL Sentral Suites

You may already be familiar with Sentral Suites and have seen some of the layout & floor plans. In this article, I will be covering four unique features of KL Sentral Suites that makes it distinctive and unique compared to other condos.

KL Sentral Suites at KL Sentral

4 Unique Features of KL Sentral Suites

#1 The Yard

This is a feature very often overlooked because you tend to get wow-ed with the interior design but forget about the function of a yard. You need a yard to keep all the not-so-pretty stuff out of sight – so this includes your mop, the vacuum cleaner, the pail, and all your cleaning essentials. If the yard is large enough, you could also double it up as a laundry area. All units in Sentral Suites have a yard, simply because Sentral Suites is meant to be a comfortable home and not just a hotel room. However if your apartment doesn’t come with a yard, you may just need to be a little creative and create hidden storage spaces to store your cleaning materials and washing machine.

#2 Sufficient Storage Nooks

Space is truly a premium in city apartments. In Sentral Suites, all units has storage corners that can be used as a pantry. A pantry is a place to keep your food supplies, occassionally-used applicances, the extra pots and pans, and other household supplies that needs large storage spaces. Remember that having a dedicated space for all these things keeps your house spick and span. After a long day at work, you want to come home to a very well organized home.

#3 Study Corner / Home Office Area

Post Covid, working at home and working remotely is very comon. There are units with study corners that you can convert to a small working room if needed. You don’t need to utilise the kitchen countertop or the dining table anymore. Create a productive working area and enjoy working from home with Sentral Suites.

#4 Dual Key Option

Check out the dual key floor plan in Sentral Suites! There are many possibilities with a dual key option. It can be a guest room, elderly parent home, craft room, man’s cave, home office or simply rented out for additional income. The dual key floor plan comes with 2 Bedroom + 2 Bath on the main home and the separate Ensuite with an entrance that shares a foyer. So there is privacy if you are subletting it out to someone else.

Make Sentral Suites Home!

If you have read this far, you may be keen to know everything about Sentral Suites! We hope you find the information you need and make Sentral Suites your home. All the best!

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