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The Largest Tesla Supercharger Station at Gamuda Cove

Tesla Malaysia recently announced the opening of a new Supercharger station at Gamuda Cove, with a grand launch event. Located at Discovery Park in Persiaran Cove Central, this charging site is easily accessible and offers free parking throughout the day. The Tesla Supercharger station at Gamuda Cove boasts an impressive 6 Superchargers and 18 Destination Chargers, making it the largest Supercharging station in Malaysia.

Charging at Gamuda Cove – The Cost

Charging your Tesla vehicle at the Gamuda Cove station is simple and convenient. The Supercharging rates are set at RM1.25 per kWh, with an idle fee of RM4 per minute for when the station is fully occupied to prevent hogging. This rate is correct at time of writing, and may change in future. Tesla owners can also make use of the 18 Destination Chargers for free, at least until further notice.

Using the Tesla App

One of the key highlights of the Tesla charging experience is the seamless process enabled by the Tesla app. With the app, users can easily make Supercharging payments, which are automatically processed via the payment method saved in the app. This means that users can simply “plug-in, charge and go,” without any hassle or additional steps.

Convenience of EV Charging in Gamuda Cove

The collaboration with Gamuda Land to establish the Gamuda Cove charging site represents a significant step towards enhancing the accessibility and convenience of EV charging in the area. With the addition of this site, Tesla’s charging network in Malaysia now includes seven Supercharging stations with a total of 36 Superchargers, along with nine destination charging locations equipped with 55 chargers.

More Tesla Charging Stations Coming Soon

During the launch event, it was announced that more charging stations are set to be operational in the second quarter. The upcoming locations include Kuantan, Prai in Penang, Putrajaya, and two additional locations in Kuala Lumpur. The first two, Kuantan and Prai, will feature Superchargers along with destination chargers to complement the charging infrastructure.

For those unfamiliar with Tesla’s existing charging stations in Malaysia, there are Tesla charging station setups at various locations including Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Cyberjaya, Iskandar Puteri Johor, Melaka, Pavilion KL, Sunway Pyramid, The Ship Campus Penang, Sunway Velocity Mall KL, Sunway Putra Mall KL, Pavilion Damansara Heights, and All Seasons Place Penang.

With the continued expansion of Tesla’s charging network in Malaysia, EV owners can look forward to even more convenient and accessible charging options in the near future. The unveiling of the Tesla Supercharger station at Gamuda Cove marks a significant milestone in the country’s transition towards sustainable transportation.

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