Apartment Near MRT

Apartment Near MRT Station Malaysia

Apartment near MRT stations along the Sungai Buloh – Kajang Mass Rapid Transportation are high in demand due to the convenience it offers to its owners and tenants.

Apartment near MRT will be high in demand as it offers its occupants access to a wide area of the Greater Kuala Lumpur using the MRT and the other rail networks connected to it such as LRT and KTM Komuter.  With the completed MRT Line 1 (in 2017) , it opens up access to 31 hotspot stations spanning across 51 kilometers.  As the MRT begins from the suburbs of Sungai Buloh and cuts through major areas in the city including the Central Business District (CBD), those who live near the MRT station will have the ease of travelling to and fro without the need to use personal transportation.

Living near the MRT station gives the occupants and tenants a choice to travel using the public transportation – a combination of integrated rail network and feeder buses to travel to choice destinations.  It helps to reduce global warming in the city as well as encourages urban dwellers to do their bit to save the earth, thus living in apartment near MRT will be a good choice.

With the increased cost of car ownership, expensive car maintenance, highway & tol, high parking fees in the city and volatile petrol prices – it makes a lot of sense for city dwellers to opt for apartment near MRT stations.  Living within walking distance to the MRT stations will open up the opportunity to travel to work using MRT and thus incur less travel expenses.  With cheapest car prices going at mid twenty thousand right up to a hundred thousand of so, car ownership need not be a necessity for city dwellers in time to come.

New properties that are built near the MRT stations or with direct links to the MRT stations are priced sky high – averaging RM500 to RM1,300 or more per sq ft.  This means that even a 600 sq ft property can cost around RM600,000!  You can expect to pay anywhere between half a million to RM1.5 million for a decently sized brand new apartment near MRT stations. If budget is a concern, send us an enquiry (below) and our partner realtors can help you to source for your ideal home within the requirements you have.

Alternative Apartment Near MRT Stations

You need not opt for brand new, luxurious apartments that are being built near MRT stations.  Unless you have a large budget, these properties may not be an ideal cup of tea for you.  A house purchase should always be within your ability to pay and not be an exorbitant amount that can lead you to losing your property when you are not able to finance the monthly repayments.

Latest Properties

gamuda gardens sungai buloh

Gamuda Gardens is a 810-acre township nestled in nature, with its signature 50-acre pet-friendly central park with jogging/cycling path. The first phase, Village Homes are now completed with limited units available for immediate move-in.  The Village Homes have a direct access to the central park, and is a stone's throw away from Gamuda Wellness and the Waterfront Village. Some interesting properties worth considering:

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gamuda cove

Gamuda Cove is a 1,530-acre satellite township in Kuala Langat accessible via Elite Highway through a dedicated Bandar Gamuda Cove tol.  Surrounded by Kuala Langat Forest Reserve and Paya Indah Discovery Wetland, this new township has a variety of homes to suit all lifestyles. Here's what available now:

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Go for apartments near MRT that is slightly further and that is not so new.  If you renovate the apartment, it can still look new and fresh like a new property.  Furthermore it will be far more affordable compared to the spanking new apartments near the MRT that are built by housing developers.  You might not be able to take a 5 minute walk to the MRT station but probably the walk will take 15 to 30 minutes.  However in terms of affordability, it could very well be within your range of budget.

Here’s a list of things to look out for a bargain apartment purchase :

  • Look at Google Map and identify areas within 500 meters to 1 kilometers away from the MRT station.
  • Search for property listings that are available for sale / rent in those key areas.
  • Check out if there is a clear path for you to walk to the station.  If you choose a property across a river, then make sure that there is a passable and safe bridge for your daily commute.
  • Check for bus service and/or feeder buses.

Look for good bargains for apartment near MRT stations, and you might just find a perfect property that suits your requirements and budget.