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3 Elements That Makes Gamuda Gardens Homes Extra Special

Gamuda Gardens homes incorporated many elements that makes it truly different and extra special – many do not notice this elements unless you are looking really hard. What are the features that sets Gamuda Gardens homes apart from the rest? Read on to know more.

Gamuda Gardens Homes Elements That Makes it Special

#1 No electrical wiring hanging across houses and everywhere

Do you notice that you don’t see any electrical wiring juxtaposing across houses? So where are the electrical wirings? Prior to the houses being built, all the electrical wiring has been embedded in the ground so you don’t see them overhead and across houses. Some older developments place electrical wires across terrace houses, making it a fire hazard as well as aesthetically not pleasant. In Gamuda Gardens, the electrical wiring is channelled to each house from the ground to your electrical DB box in your utility room, usually beneath the staircase. Outdoors, you don’t see electrical wiring anywhere and even in the house, it is tucked neatly in a corner not directly visible.

Gamuda Gardens Village Homes

#2 Invisible Internet cables

It is common with older developments that internet cables are physically visible either from the front or back of your house. They are usually haphazardly fixed and look extremely unappealing. Not to mention that they are very prone to damage as the cables are fragile. In Village Homes, Unifi internet cabling was already installed prior to houses being handed over to the owners. All these internet cabling are embedded in the ground, so everything is already in place and ready even prior to residents moving in. For Village Homes, Unifi even provided 2 free years of subscription! The developer, Gamuda Land, made sure that all these amenities are in place before they handed over the property.

#3 No open drainage

Have a peek at all the houses in Village Homes and Lakeside Homes and you will notice the missing drainage. So where exactly are the drains? Kudos to the Gamuda Land team for concealing the drains, and making the township safer for kids and elderlies. Besides safer, concealed drain also makes the township neater, cleaner and more appealing. Larger drainage are concealed beneath pathways so you will see manholes cleverly covering up the drains. Even in end lot and corner houses, there are no open drains. In short, everything is concealed for better aesthetic overall. The next time you visit a Gamuda Gardens homes, take a look around you and you will notice the neatness and cleanliness with no open drainage.

Other Interesting Elements of Gamuda Gardens Homes

  1. Strata titled property – All home owners are binded by strata title rules and regulations hence the uniformity in design, colors and elements. You won’t get a pink house, followed by a neon green gate, and a neighbor who decides to add an extra storey that sticks out like a sore thumb. These rules makes all Gamuda Gardens residential enclaves neat, tidy, and asthetically pleasant overall.
  2. Gated & Guarded with GL App – Residents enjoy peace of mind with CCTV-guarded perimeter fencing and guards round-the-clock. Visitors cannot simply walk into the compounds of the residential areas without approval from the owners. The GL app provides owners with the convenience of registering their visitors.
  3. Playground, Exercise Area, Basketball Court and Pocket Gardens – Most developers would maximize land use by building as many homes as possible but that’s not the case with Gamuda Gardens homes. In Village Homes, you can see large areas designated for greenery, pocket gardens, walkways and playground – you won’t get a cramped feeling whenever you are in these residential enclaves.
  4. Spacious walkway in front of each home – In Village Homes, residents are greeted by a spacious walkway in front of their home, after their gates. Think of this as a landing area before your gates – so you have proper curbs (think curb appeal!) that allow you to mingle with your neighbors and probably just to stretch it out. Some roads are intentionally created as dead-ends so that you get better privacy and less road traffic in front of your homes.

There are many elements within Gamuda Gardens homes and these are a few highlights that we think will be of interest if you are thinking of buying a home in Gamuda Gardens. All the above elements are often overlooked because they seem so small until you buy into a development that do not have all these.

Gamuda Gardens Overview

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