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Key To Gamuda Gardens

The first phase owners of Gamuda Gardens are collecting their keys to their brand new homes, the Village Homes which comprise of 4 types namely Nara (from 22×80), Aida (from 22×75), Lavena (from 20×75) and Agalia (from 20×75). The Village Homes precinct which was launched in stages in end-2017 is the closest to the lake and Waterfront Village.

11 Benefits of Village Homes in Gamuda Gardens

  1. Fully completed with VP
  2. Low density with only 520+ homes
  3. Gated & Guarded
  4. 4 types ranging from 20×75 to 22×80
  5. Strata property with control on exterior look & feel for uniformity
  6. Maintenance for landscaping & common areas
  7. Modern façade with well-planned layout
  8. Closest to the lake, Waterfront Village and Gamuda Wellness
  9. RFID for car access
  10. Card entry for walk-in / lake access
  11. Spacious walkway in front of homes
The Village Homes view from lake. Some corner units enjoy the lake view – truly premium!

Fully completed with VP

With Vacant Possession issued to these homes, owners can already start planning their move-in. If you are thinking of buying a home, this is the perfect timing! You need not wait for the property to be completed and thus will save you a lot of savings in interest. With the HOC campaign by the government, you also save on stamp duty and MOT – which can be quite a huge amount.

Low density with only 520+ homes

There are only 520+ homes in Village Homes. The homes are planned meticulously with no over-building (that is very common). Roads are planned carefully taking into account the number of homes and occupants.

Gated and Guarded Homes

One of the key requirements for many home owners these days, Village Homes are fully gated and guarded. There is a dedicated guard house at the entrance to ensure that only home owners and approved visitors (registration via Gamuda Land app!) are allowed into the area.

4 Home Types Ranging From 20×75 to 22×80

Depending on preference, owners get to choose from homes with land sizes of 20×75 to 22×80. Do note that there are also premium units facing the private garden, corner and end-lots with wider widths and special lots with longer widths. So whatever you have in mind, there is probably a layout that may suit your preference. From our best knowledge, all corner and end-lots have been snapped up with exception of a few units that may be available. If you are keen, drop us a note and we will link you to the authorized sales person from Gamuda Gardens to assist you.

Strata Property

With strata property, common areas within Village Homes are taken care of and maintained by the management body. So all landscaping, plants, garden, play area, etc will have proper upkeep and maintained for continuous and long term use. This also means that there are rules and regulations to ensure that the look and feel of the entire township is maintained and that no odd-looking renovation will tarnish the uniform look of the entire area. In short, you won’t get pink-coloured, orange-coloured and neon-coloured homes in one row of houses, making it look like a kindergarten. There will be guidelines to follow to keep the neighbourhood looking the way it should.

Maintenance for landscaping & common area

If you are looking for a home that has its common areas such as back lanes, gardens, curb and roads take care of, Gamuda Gardens is the place! With a low monthly maintenance fee, the common areas are maintained and kept in pristine condition for you and your family’s enjoyment all year round!

Modern façade with well-planned layout

Gamuda Garden homes all comes with modern facade for the urban modern families to indulge in. All layouts are meticulously planned to suit the different lifestyle requirements. Whether you are looking for 4 bedrooms or 4+1 bedrooms, Village Homes has it all. Oh yes, if you need larger homes with more bedrooms, drop us a note as the exclusive bungalows are already in its planning stage!

The 50 acre central park with cascading lakes – beautiful water feature with jogging / cycling path surrounding it. Serenity and bliss.

Closest to the lake, Waterfront Village and Gamuda Wellness

As the first phase of Gamuda Gardens, Village Homes are the closest to the 50-acre Central Park and lake, Waterfront Village and Gamuda Wellness. In fact, these conveniences are a stroll away from most units, particularly Lavena. Go for a jog in the morning, enjoy sunrise and sunset by the lake, watch birds fly freely, enjoy nature as it should be, walk your pets along the lake (Yes! Gamuda Gardens lake is pet-friendly) and just about anything to enjoy nature at your doorstep. So if you would like to live in a place that offers you the conveniences you need, here’s the place to be!

RFID for car access

No more clunky card access to enter your home. RFID so that you can simply drive through the guardhouse to get to your home. There is no need to reach out for access cards anymore!

Card entry for walk-in / lake access

Well, they can’t stick RFID on human so its back to card access for walk-in through the guardhouse or to the lake. There is direct access to the lake from the midsection of Village Homes so residents can simply tap and go to the lake for a stroll, run or jog. This also means that no one else can just waltz into the grounds of Village Homes.

Spacious Walkway in Front of Each Home

Each Village Homes enjoy spacious walkway in front of their home, after their gates. Think of this as a landing area before your gates – so you have proper curbs (think curb appeal!) that allows you to mingle with your neighbors and probably just to stretch it out. Also not to forget that some roads are intentionally created as dead-ends so that you get better privacy and less road traffic in front of your homes.

In conclusion, get your #keytogamudagarden soonest with Village Homes which are now completed and ready for move in. You get plenty of savings by purchasing a home that is completed plus with the current rebates from HOC – that’s massive savings for every new home buyer! Unfortunately there are very few units of Village Homes left, and would you be the lucky few to purchase it now and move in in the next few months?

Live in Gamuda Gardens!

To get started, simply drop your enquiry below and we will link you to the authorized sales personnel from Gamuda Gardens to assist you in owning your ideal home at Gamuda Gardens.