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What Makes A Good Apartment Layout?

What Makes A Good Apartment Layout

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The right apartment layout is crucial if you are intending to purchase your dream home. If you are property hunting, you’ll know that there are certain specifications you are looking for in a property of your choice. We have our own list of “needs” and “wants” that we feel is needed in an apartment / condominium unit.  Some of these may be tied to the culture and also the family needs – so it is important to think deep before going to a showroom unit to view the apartment of your choice.

Key things we think will be important in your new apartment layout

Is there a yard?

Some apartment layout has no yard because it is assumed that the residents will not be doing their own house cleaning and laundry. This will be apparent on the developments that focuses on apartments being rented out as holiday lets (AirBnB style) and thus the yard is not a necessity since those who will rent your place will not be cleaning the apartment by themselves. If you are going to live there yourself, be it a bachelor pad or a family home, you will find the yard a very handy area to hide the mop, broom, garbage can, recyclables and of course to hang the clothes out to dry. If the yard it large enough, you could also use it as a laundry area – put your washing machine and sorting bins. Check out Gamuda Garden’s Gaia Residences for a very squarish and practical yard to place your washer/dryer and still have sufficient space for everything else.

Is there a utility room or corner?

This is most certainly not available in most apartment layout. We are referring to an area that you can convert into a storage. Now you are probably asking why you need a storage area? I used to lived in apartments where we put our extra stuff in the corner of the guest room – which is not pretty and it gets pretty dusty too. Items that goes into the storage include the bicycle, extra chairs & tables, extra pots & pans, children’s toys and knick knacks that don’t fit into anywhere in the house. So when there is a utility room, it can help you keep the house really neat and tidy. We suggest looking at Akasa Cheras South if this is a need for your ideal home.

Balcony or no balcony?

This is an individual preference, however a balcony is a very good feature to add in an apartment layout for a few reasons – better air ventilation, better natural lighting and an additional spot to be a little adventurous on. Small balconies are good for that occasional stand-out-and-enjoy-the-view or maybe a little chair for reading or relaxation. Larger balconies can double up as a nice outdoor breakfast area or a small play ground for the children. If you have children, they should be supervised at all times at the balcony. For safety, consider invisible grilles or glass curtains that seals off any openings and prevents mishaps. Balconies are also good for those with green fingers – plant some herbs, vegetables and flowers. Check out East Parc @ Menjalara for units with and without balcony to suit your preference.

High floor or low floor?

This is an individual preference. Some may not fancy a high floor dwelling for fear of heights, while some prefer the higher floors for better view. Living on the 60th floor may not be a cup of tea for many, but I do like the idea of living in the sky. Higher floors command better view especially if there are other apartments in the vicinity and have better breeze. Lower floors gives you the option to walk up the stairs if you are a health buff and faster access to the ground floor & facilities. As per most apartment these days, higher floors are more expensive compared to lower floors – so you might want to strike a balance between those two factors. Check out the tallest condo in Menjalara, the East Parc @ Menjalara standing at 44 floors with majestic view of the city or mountains and there is a rooftop garden accessible only to residents so you can enjoy a cup of tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Open kitchen? Wet kitchen, Dry kitchen?

If you love cooking, then this is one area you should be particularly interested in. Make sure the configuration and size fit your preference in your apartment layout. Make sure the cabinets that comes fitted in suits your requirements. Example if you are a keen baker and want a stand alone oven, a fully fitted kitchen by the developer will only mean additional cost to tear it down and re-do. If you have a fridge that’s truly gigantic (or dream of having one), make sure the kitchen size allows you to fit one in. For an open kitchen to work, you’ll also need a wet kitchen area. Malaysian style cooking is not the bake, steam and grille style – so you need a closed area for you to do the major cooking. The yard is always a good place if it is large enough, or of course if there is a dedicated wet kitchen all the better.

Miniature rooms

Prices of properties have gone up steadily over the years and thus these days apartment layout sizes are smaller and layouts are way more creative than before. The purpose of a bedroom is to sleep, so if you keep it to that objective, having a bed and a small bedside table would suffice. In that case, a small room will fit your purpose. However if you intend to do your work in the room, with a little play area for the child and a walk in wardrobe, then you’ll need a room that is way bigger. So remember your objectives and work according to what you need in choosing the ideal apartment layout. Small rooms are good for single beds and a study area or a double bed with no study area. Smaller rooms also mean easier maintenance and you would be less inclined to hoarding stuff – possibly become a minimalist!

Common areas

For those who love entertaining friends and relatives at home, make sure the common areas in the apartment layout are reasonably sized for that purpose. Some apartments, due to size constraints, have very small living and dining areas so you might need a little innovative interior designing to make it work for your requirements. Apartment layout with large living areas, may have smaller rooms as the focus is on the community space – where all the buzz goes on. Have a good thought about what works for your family and put that in your apartment layout required list. Have a look at East Parc @ Menjalara that offers generous living spaces, focusing on family togetherness.


Some may place more emphasis on all the facilities that are available in the apartment or condominium. I would say that having those facilities are ideal, however you may not use all the facilities. I place strong importance only on facilities that would matter to me. Having a squash court is a plus point if you like playing squash.. It is also worthy to note that not many new apartments have squash courts, even those claiming to be luxury residential property. A sizable swimming pool to swim in, as some pools are not meant to swim in, probably more of a laze around in the pool type. Living in small apartment gives you little space to do a gathering or party, so having a common room or hall to hold a small party or gathering is very ideal. Lastly, an observation deck or a sky roof for viewing is an absolute plus point, like what is being offered by East Parc @ Menjalara.  Check out Sunway Serene with generous 50 facilities, East Parc @ Menjalara with squash courts and sauna; and MCentura for green features.

The above is a list of areas we believe is crucial in your apartment hunting list and hope it helps you to craft your wish list in looking for the ideal apartment layout to suit your needs.